New York Public Library: Moving Historical Geodata to the Web

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Petr from Klokan Technologies took part in the meeting and workshop in the New York Public Library. The aim of this meeting was to unify the processes of digitization of Old maps and provide a way, that would enable its further analysis.

In one room, experts from Harvard, Yale, Tuffts, Stanford, Library of Congress, British Library and many other institutions met and discussed. Interesting was a project, which is similar to the, but with focus on historical data and changes with a time. It is possible to view, when were different buildings created, what were their names in the time etc.. 

There are also other great projects to mention, just like NYPL Building Inspector,  HistoryPin, or projects for toponyms and documents processing like Pelagios, PastPlace / VisionOfBritain, etc.

Presentations from the event are available at:

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