Workshop: Working Digitally with Historical Maps (New York Public Library, Feb 25th)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

This one day workshop includes the launch of our new Old Maps Online web site. It forms part of the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, but is being held in the South Court Auditorium of the Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Libraries — the building in Bryant Park most people think of as the New York Public Library. Attendees are not required to have conference badges, so if you happen to be near New York on the 25th …


(1) BUILDING RICH RESOURCES (10:00 am – 11:40 am)

  • Max Edelson (Virginia): The “New Map of Empire” Project: Enhancing Cartography Scholarship with Dynamic Online Collections
  • Joseph Hurley (Georgia State): Visualizing Neighborhood Change: The Georgia State University Library Digital Map Collection, “Planning Atlanta: A New City in the Making, 1950s – 1980s”
  • Michael Page (Emory): Modeling the History of the City using Library Resources
  • Marcel A Fortin (Toronto) The Don Valley Historical Mapping Project
  • John Cloud (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration): Starting from Hassler’s Primary Triangle: The survey of the coast in “New York Bay and Harbor and the Environs” as the foundation for geo-spatial data for North America

(2) ENABLING ACCESS (12.40 – 2.20 pm)

  • Julie Sweetkind-Singer (Stanford): Digital Philanthropy: Increasing Access through Donor Collaboration
  • Matt Knutzen (New York Public Library): Open Historical Map
  • Bonnie Burns (Harvard) OpenGeoportal: A Collaborative Geographic Search Tool
  • Meredith Westington/Keith Bridge (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration): The Value of a Bounding Box: Moving Historical Charts beyond the Image Browser
  • Gregory J Allord (US Geological Survey): USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection: Converting and Integrating lithographic maps into The National Map


  • James Burt (US Geological Survey): Efficient Geo-referencing of Small-scale Scanned Map Images
  • Richard Marciano (North Carolina): Connecting People, Past, and Place: exploring semi-automated extraction of text and polygons from common historic sources
  • Andrea White (University of New Orleans) Creating an Archaeological Sensitivity Model for New Orleans using Historic Maps and Historical GIS
  • Anne Leonard (New York City College of Technology) Using old maps and new methods to discover the early chemical and petroleum industries of Newtown Creek
  • Stuart Macdonald (University of Edinburgh) Addressing History – Crowdsourcing the Past

(4) DIGITAL GAZETTEERS (4.40 – 5.40 pm)

  • Merrick Berman (Harvard) Historical Gazetteer Development and Integration: CHGIS, Regnum Francorum, and GeoNames
  • Raj Singh (Open Geospatial Consortium) Establishing a Global Data Sharing Framework for Place Names
  • Ashley Holt (National Geospatial intelligence Agency) Gazetteer representation of place name usage


This joint presentation will demonstrate and launch a new global search portal for digitised historical maps: Old Maps Online

David Rumsey (Cartography Associates)
Humphrey Southall (Univ of Portsmouth – Great Britain Historical GIS)
Petr Pridal (Klokan Technologies)

Note that the  New York Public Library building closes at 6pm. Those wishing to attend this session must arrive by 5:45pm to be admitted to the building. The keynote is followed by a reception for the speakers at the workshop and other invited guests.
Session Organizers:
Humphrey Southall (GB Historical GIS, University of Portsmouth)
Matt Knutzen (New York Public Library)
Lex Berman (Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University)

New York Public Library
Cartography Associates
Old Maps Online
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