New crowd-sourced Geo-referencer Project

Friday, October 26, 2012

As many of you will know last Spring the British Library used Klokan Technologies' Georeferencer software to run a very successful project to georeference some of their historical map collection. It completed so quickly we were able to include their maps in the official launch of Old Maps Online even though we hadn't originally planned to do so. Now the British Library has scanned a new set of historical maps and are asking for the help of the public give these maps coordinates too.

They do not have the resources to do the georeferencing internally themselves, so using a customised version of Georeferencer was a good solution for them. They are hoping that this round of crowd-sourcing will be just as successful as the last set and allow them to add to the usability and findability of their maps, including through our website Old Maps Online. If you can help please spread the word or have a go yourself by visiting their site:
Tags: crowd sourcing, georeference, Georeferencer