WebGL accelerated Georeferencer presented on ICA conference in Rome

Thursday, September 19, 2013

On ICA conference in Rome (19-20 Sep. 2013) Hynek Pridal from Klokan Technologies presented integration of Polynomial and Thin plate spline transformation into Georeferencer. Those are more accurate for some of the use cases.

Up to now this was done only with special map server software with OGC WMS needing installation on the local server. Now it is possible using html technologies such as HTML5 Canvas, SVG or WebGL which means no installation on your server and no troubles consequently.

WebGL allows hardware accelerated graphical operations on a web page. A graphic card of your own computer is utilized and therefore the overall performance is much higher then experienced ever before. Maps appears faster and there is no need to store georeferenced and non-georeferenced copies of the maps separately - so it is possible to save on the digital storage as well.

Tags: presentations, georeferencer