Coding session of our developers

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our today’s effort is your tomorrow’s profit In the beginning of July we have made a coding sprint and hacking session with the Klokan Technologies GmbH core developers together with a few guests interested in programming and hacking with us.

This has been great few days - where some of the fruits of our work and results are or soon going to become available as part of our products and open-source projects.

What have we done?

Well, for example the Georeferencer online service supports now directly the world-wide unique WebGL in browser transformation into Polynomial and Thin Plate Spline map overlays for thousands of maps.

You can open and play with one for example here:

Just click on Polynomial or TPS buttons. Do you like it?  Share your experience with us!

The MapTiler Pro and the open-source OGC WMTS TileServer, which is going to be presented on the International Cartographic Conference in Dresden 2013 ( and on FOSS4G ( has moved significantly forward too and we have now set a clear roadmap for further development.

There are many more cool new things in our labs, which are going to be announced later this year!

Stay with us and enjoy our products.

Tags: osgeo, georeferencer, maps