LIBER Groupe des Cartothécaires & ICA Workshop in Barcelona

Friday, May 11, 2012

This year Barcelona played host to librarians and researchers from 24 different countries as they met to  present their results and ongoing projects working with old maps. 

ICA & LIBER meeting: Petr Pridal and Humphrey Southall 

There were two joined conferences which had very exciting programmes, both which are available online:

Several projects in which the Old Maps Online team participated recently were demonstrated, including:

  1. Improvements to the crowdsourced georeferencing using Georeferencer, and its implementation in the British Library. (presentation)
  2. Historical Maps API for developers of Google Maps API mashups and mobile applications from out-of-copyright old maps of Great Britain - released in co-operation with National Library of Scotland.
  3. Open-Source technologies for delivering historical maps online
  4. And of course the presentation of the OldMapsOnline project addressing the map curator community.

We are looking forward to announcing some new map collections joining the OldMapsOnline search portal soon.

Tags: Historical maps API, Georeferencer, presentation