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Maps of Neumayer Station III



Supplement of 科學の日本, 第1卷, 第3號, 新年號." On verso: 世界五大海軍代表艦型一覽圖


天下輿地圖 明清时期 该图集为李氏朝鲜时期舆图,前有《天下圖》和《中國圖》各一幅,后为朝鲜八道图及日本图。封面题有“玄黓執徐腊下瀚”,可能是壬辰年十二月下旬,但具体年份待定。内容与形态基本与上图相同(005833853),《天下圖》反映中国传统天下观,中国居中,周围岛国取自《山海经》,《中國圖》绘制明朝两京十三省。 1图,彩绘,中文,图幅27.8 x 34.3 cm。 Harvard-Yenching | Rare Book | TK 3490.7 1174;Hollis Number:009140732

Antarctic Ocean (1901)

Antarctic Ocean. Sheet VIII. Shewing Tracks and Discoveries of H.M.S. Erebus and Terror" 1841-42. With Tracks and amendments ... to 1900." London : Admiralty

Pacific Ocean, British Islands.

Goodrich, S.G.

Survey of the Cape of Good Hope

1 : 153512 Vidal, A. T. E. (Alexander Thomas Emeric), 1792-1863 published according to Act of Parliament at the Hydrographical Office of the Admiralty

Bu harita, büyük Türk denizcisi Piri reis tarasindam 1513 tarihinde yapilmis olan ve Topkapi Müzesinde bulunan aslindan alinarak basilmistir

Atlantský oceán-oblast Devlet Basimevi

Map of South America, showing its political divisions ; Map showing the proposed Atrato-inter-oceanic canalroutes, for connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans [inset].

from New general atlas.

Facies Poli Antarctici

1 : 34000000 Antarktida Weigel, Christoph

Chica sive Patagonica et avstralis terra

1 Karte : Kupferdruck ; Bildgrösse 22 x 28 cm Quad Johannes Bussemacher

South Polar regions.

1 : 14000000 John Bartholomew and Son

Southern Regions.

1 : 22176000 Colton, G.W.

Hospodářská mapa světa - těžba nerostných surovin


Southern Half, Western Hemisphere.

1 : 22500000 Brue, Adrien Hubert, 1786-1832

Terres Australes.

1 : 60000000 L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726

South America.

from A new sett of maps both of antient and present geography : wherein not only the latitude and longitude of many places are corrected according to the latest observations, but also the most remarkable differences of antient and present geography may be quickly discern'd by a bare inspection or comparing of correspondent maps, which seems to be the most natural and easy method to lead young students (for whose use the work is principally intended) unto a competent knowledge of the geographical science : together with a geographical treatise particularly adapted to the use and design of these maps / by Edward Wells, M.A. and student of Christ-Church, Oxon.

Světová těžba nerostných surovin


Amerique du Sud spheroidale.

1 : 41000000 Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863

Planiglob in Mercators Projection, zur Uebersicht der Erdfläche und der Seereisen

Hand-Atlas über alle Theile der Erde nach dem neuesten Zustande und über das Weltgebäude Stieler, Adolf bei Justus Perthes


Sudpolarregion, Polynesische Inselgruppen.

Andree, Richard

Carta generale del Polo Antartica

1 : 22500000 Marzolla, Benedetto

Der Atlantische Ozean

1 : 40000000 Atlantský oceán (oblast) Groll, Max Institut für Meereskunde der Universität

Sud-Polar-Karte. (Maasfstab 1:40,000,000).

1 : 40000000 Petermann, A.


1 : 50000000 Meyer, Joseph, 1796-1856


1 : 55000000 Gray, Ormando Willis


1 : 40000000 Antarktida Petermann, August Habenicht, Hermann Justus Perthes

Maris Pacifici (quod vulgo Mar del Zur) cum regionibus circumiacentibus, insulisque in eodem passim sparsis, novissima descriptio

1 : 42000000 Ortelius, Abraham Libraria Plantiniana

Map of Africa, showing its most recent discoveries ; Island of St. Helena [inset].

From Mitchell's new general atlas, containing maps of the various countries of the world, plans of cities, etc., embraced in fifty-three quarto maps., forming a series of eighty four maps and plans, together with valuable statistical tables.

Stiller Ozean

1 : 10000000 Tichý oceán Justus Perthes

Pacific Ocean.

1 : 95000000 Huntington, Francis Junius, 1802-1878
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