Why to join OldMapsOnline

Reveal your treasured maps and give them a second life in the online world.

Bring online visitors to your website

Boost the number of online visits to your scanned maps by making them searchable. The map listing identifies maps by their name and publication information and presents a thumbnail image. Clicking on map details will provide information about the host map library.

Promote your library and your map collection

Users will no longer have to spend time identifying which institution might hold the maps they want to view. The holdings of individual map libraries are presented together in a single interface. Once the user finds a map they wish to investigate, clicking on the map details will bring up the information about its host institution.

Make it easier to discover your scanned maps

OldMapsOnline is “like google for old maps” and provides a single entry point for historical maps, allowing users to search through map catalogs across a number of institutions in a geographical way. A large audience from the general public, genealogists, historians and researchers visit each month OldMapsOnline search.

Number of visitors with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to collect user data on your Georeferencer project. This way you can see how many people are visiting your maps on OldMapsOnline or Georeferencer.

Contact us at [email protected] and our dedicated team will provide you with all the further information you need to become a part of OldMapsOnline partners and community.