Add your maps to OldMapsOnline

There are two ways how to add maps into the search engine.

From your Georeferencer

The easiest and preferred way with the most benefits. Just let us know, that you want to add your georeferenced collections into OldMapsOnline.

We can migrate all your maps and you will see the button “View as overlay” next to the thumbnail, which will point the map to the Compare tool.

The import is simple, we don't need any further information, extra data or actions taken on your side.

Contact us for Georeferencer

From metadata spreadsheet

If you are not using the Georeferencer tool, to upload your maps to OldMapsOnline, you need to provide us with an excel spreadsheet with basic information about each map. The minimum number of maps to be imported via excel sheet is 100 maps.

Each spreadsheet must have the following columns:

id: Your unique identifier
viewer: URL to the zoomable viewer of the scan
title: Title of the map
date_from, date_to: Date of what is depicted on the map
north: Latitude of the north-most point
south: Latitude of the south-most point
east: Longitude of the east-most point
west: Longitude of the west-most point
thumbnail: URL to thumbnail

Link to sample metadata spreadsheet: (link to docs sample sheet)

Contact us for more information.