Similar maps widget

The OldMapsOnline provides a widget for partners to allow quick access to the OldMapsOnline application. The "similar maps" widget is simple code that is embeddable on other websites which creates a pretty button on the right side of page.

Technical details

All you need is to add the following code into your web page which has the OldMapsOnline map identification ID:

<a href="" id="omo_link">OldMapsOnline</a>
<script src="" defer></script>

You can modify the style of widget with CSS. See example on jsfiddle.

Widget example


The OldMapsOnline provides a se of queries which can be usable for quick access to areas:

Boundingbox query:,47.167047,9.049752,47.56

Latitude and longitude query:

The variables date_from and date_to can be also used in query.


Here are various version of the project logo, the design manual, and badges and banners for the project OldMapsOnline.