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Knud Rasmussen Land

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Maps of Knud Rasmussen Land

Maps of Knud Rasmussen Land


Chart exhibiting the discoveries of the second American-Grinnell-Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin : unrevised from the original material and projected on the spot

Kane, Elisha Kent, 1820-1857 Lith of J. Bien

North America polar regions : Baffin Bay to Lincoln Sea showing the most recent discoveries including those of U.S.S. Polaris Expedition in 1871-2, under Captain C.F. Hall, British Arctic Expedition in 1875-6, under Captain G.S. Nares, R.N., The Lady Franklin Bay Expedition in 1881-4, under Lieutenant A.W. Greely, U.S.A

1 : 1500000 United States. Hydrographic Office Hydrographic Office, Navy Dept.

Baffin Bay journey.

1 : 3200000 Hayes, Isaac Israel

Baie de Baffin. Amer. Sep. 3.

1 : 1641836 Vandermaelen, Philippe, 1795-1869


Berghaus, Hermann

Septemtrionaliora Americæ à Groenlandia, per freta Davidis et Hudson, ad Terram Novam

1 Karte : Kupferdruck ; 48 x 55 cm Renard Louis Renard

A General Chart ... Davis Straits & Baffin Islands Bay.

1 : 19000000 Melish, John

An exact map of North and South Carolina & Georgia : with east and west Florida from the latest discoveries / J. Lodge, sculp.

from Parts


Atlas der Geologie Zittel, K.v. ; Berghaus, Hermann Justus Perthes

Carte marine, de la B. de Baffin, et une partie d'Hudson, d'Island et Groenland

1 Karte : Kupferdruck ; 42 x 48 cm Königliche Akademie der Wissenschaften

Vorstellung des Meers in Norden von Asien und America, nebst der Berechnung von dessen Grösse und Ausdehnung

Asie severní

Chart, Polar Seas.

1 : 85000000 King, G. B.

185-186. North Canada, Greenland. The World Atlas.

1 : 7500000 USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Canada - East. Pergamon World Atlas.

1 : 10000000 Polish Army Topography Service

Brit. Nord-America.

1 : 15600000 Flemming, Carl


1 : 15840000 Letts, Son & Co.

Arctic Regions.

Fullarton, A. & Co.

Orographical map of the dominion of Canada and Newfoundland

1 : 7920000 Kanada Office of the Surveyor General

Russian Empire.

1 : 27500000 Lucas, Fielding Jr.

Britisches Nordamerica

Kanada Radefeld Back, George

Tableau l'historie de l'Empire de Russie

1 : 41000000 Duval, Henri

Carte des glaces boreales.

1 : 34000000 Vincent

Canada. Coal Resources of the World.

1 : 15327000 Dowling, D.B.

Karta evropejskoj i azijatskoj Rossii


Arctic Regions and British America.

1 : 16400000 Hughes, William


Auctore Guiljelmo Blaeu [Amsterdam : Joan Blaeu]

Russie d'Asie et des regions polaires boreales.

1 : 16700000 Brue, Adrien Hubert, 1786-1832

Amerique Russe, regions polaires boreales.

1 : 13000000 Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863

Asie Russe.

1 : 15000000 Vivien St Martin, L.

Asie Boreale.

1 : 16500000 Montemont, A.
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