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Maps of Kandahar




Afghanistan and the Punjab.

1 : 3380000 Sharpe, J.

Partie du Caboul. Asie 67.

1 : 1641836 Vandermaelen, Philippe, 1795-1869

Der Sikh-Staat.

1 : 2200000 Flemming, Carl

India 12.

1 : 2217600 Letts, Son & Co.

Afghanistan [Ethnographical map of] (1921)

Ethnographical map of Afghanistan, GSGS 2963. Shows racial and tribal (and linguistic) boundaries in Afghanistan and also Pathan areas of India (Pakistan). Reproduced from Indian Staff map. Great Britain. General Staff. Geographical Section. [London] : [GSGS, War Office]

Karte von Afghanistan

1 : 2100000 Afghánistán Freytag, Gustav G. Freytag

Karte von Afghanistan und den angrenzenden Gebieten

1 : 500000 Afghánistán Petermann, August W. Nagel

Bokhara, Cabool, Beloochistan &c.

1 : 4400000 Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain)

Iran Östliche Hälfte enthaltend Afghanistan, Balutschistan und die Özbeghischen Khanate am Oxus

1 : 3000000 Afghánistán Kiepert, Heinrich Dietrich Reimer

Punjab, Afghanistan

Tallis's Illustrated Atlas, and Modern History of the World, Geographical, Political, Commercial, and Statistical. Edited by R. Montgomery Martin. London : John Tallis and Co.

Cabool, The Punjab and Beloochistan.

1 : 6969600 Tallis, J. & F.

Bokhara, Cabool, Beloochistan &c

1 : 5000000 Asie střední Walker, C. Society for the diffusion of useful knowledge

Bokhara, Cabool, Beloochistan & c

1 : 4300000 Balúčistán (Pákistán) Walker, John Walker, Alexander Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

Iran, Afganistan (1951)

Iran i Afganistan. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Glavnoe upravlenie geodezii i kartografii. Moskva : Glavnoe upravlenie geodezii i kartografii pri Sovete Ministrov SSSR

India - north-western section.

1 : 4000000 John Bartholomew & Co.

Siam, Malay Archipelago.

1 : 18000000 Andree, Richard; Times (London, England)

Afghanistan, Baluchistan.

1 : 6000000 Andree, Richard; Times (London, England)

Übersichts-Karte Von Iran Oder West-Hochasien

1 : 5000000 Írán Kiepert, Heinrich C. Ritter


1 : 4000000 Kiepert, Heinrich, 1818-1899

Karte von Europa und Westasien

1 : 4000000 Asie západní Ravensteins Geographische Verlagsanstalt und Druckerei


1 : 8340000 Lucas, Fielding Jr.

Tabula Asiae IX. [Karte], in: Geographia universalis vetus et nova complectens Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini enarrationis libros VIII, S. 290.

1 Karte aus Atlas Münster, Sebastian [und Ptolemaeus, Claudius]

Stanford's shilling map of Afganistan & adjoining contries

1 : 5000000 Afghánistán Edward Stanford

Persia, Afghanistan, and Beluchistan.

1 : 7900000 Rand McNally and Company

Persia, Afghanistan, Baluchistan.

1 : 3800000 Rand McNally and Company


1 : 5200000 Hall, S. (Sidney)

Persia and Afghanistan.

1 : 4311000 Johnston, Alexander Keith

Inde N.-O. et Afganistan.

1 : 5000000 Vivien St Martin, L.

Sindetic Hindoostan or the countries occupied by the Sinde or Indus and its branches

1 : 7000000 Cary, John, ca. 1754-1835 J. Cary
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