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Maps of Jerusalem

Maps of Jerusalem


Topographischer Plan von Jerusalem im Jahre 1837

1 : 9500 Jeruzalém Blumenthal, J. Engel, Hermann

[Kaart], uit: [Kaart van Jeruzalem]

1 : 15000 Annotatie: Met register; Tekst in het Hebreeuws [S.l. : s.n.]

Plan von Jerusalem

Jeruzalém Kiepert, Heinrich Berndt, E. Simon Schropp & Co.

[Kaart], uit: Jerusalem old and new / drawn by Shlomo Ben David

1 : 9000 titelvariant: Steimatzky's pictorial map Jerusalem; Annotatie: Omslagtitel: Steimatzky's pictorial map Jerusalem; Verso: toeristische informatie; Annotatie geografische gegevens: Met schaalstok Shlomo Ben David 1906- [S.l. : Steimatzky]

Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem

1 : 10000 Wilson, C. W

(Sheet 4). Western Palestine Illustrating The New Testament, also The Talmud and Josephus.

1 : 168960 Kitchener, H.R. (Horatio Herbert)

43 Gaza.

1 : 100000 Jacotin, Pierre, 1765-1827

44 Jerusalem, Jaffa.

1 : 100000 Jacotin, Pierre, 1765-1827

Sheet XVI. Palestine Exploration Map.

1 : 63360 Kitchener, H.R. (Horatio Herbert)

The Land Of Moriah Or Jerusalem and the Adjacent Country.

1 : 76000 Finley, Anthony

Karte von Jerusalem und seiner naechsten Umgebungen

1 : 4300 Jeruzalém Sieber, František Vilém Fleischer, Friedrich Martin Neureuter

Palestine campaign (1921)

Palestine campaign: Situation at 1800 on 1st Nov. 1917 (24 hours after the capture of Beersheba), GSGS 2965. Great Britain. General Staff. Geographical Section. [London] : [GSGS, War Office]


1 : 200000 Palestina Survey of Egypt

Der Lebensweg Jesu

Izrael Harwerth, Willi Johannes Stauda


1 : 566000 Palestina

Palestina: gráfico de la vida de Jesús y año litúrgico

1 Mapa. La data és la que figura en el Nihil Obstat del censor. Datació aproximada Font, Lamberto

Terrae Sanctae 2.

1 : 394000 L'Isle, Joseph Nicolas de, 1688-1768


1 : 250000 Palestina Preußische Landesaufnahme

Das Heilige Land aus der Vogelschau

Palestina J. Weber

Terra Sancta sive Palaestina exhibens non solum regna vetera Iuda et Israel in suas XII. tribus distincta, sed etiam eorundem diversarum aetatum conditionem et facta in Sacris Paginis indicata

1 : 704800 Kanaán Lotter, Tobias Conrad Lotter, Matthäus Albrecht studio Tobiae Conradi Lotter

Terra Sancta, sive promissionis, olim Palestina

1 : 960000 Izrael Wit, Frederick de per Fredericum de Wit

Palestine and the Holy Land.

1 : 930000 Schonberg & Co.

Palaestina za času P. Ježíše


Cesta Israelitů z Egypta a cesty sv. Pavla



1 : 170000 Palestina

Palestine or Canaan

1 : 1

Iudaea seu Palaestina ob sacratißima redemtoris vestigia hodie dicta Terra Sancta

1 : 3100000 Kanaán Homann, Johann Baptist Sanson, Guillaume á Ioh. Baptista Homanno

Carte géologique du Liban

1 : 200000 Libanon Zumoffen, G. Barrere, Henry l'Institut Cartographique

Palestine with the Hauran

Jeruzalém Hughes, W. Edward Stanford

[Kaart], uit: [Kaart van Zuid-Israel]

1 : 250000 Annotatie: Tekst in het Hebreeuws [S.l. : s.n]
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